Job Summary

The sales engineer is a member of the tech service group. He is responsible for selling and providing tech services to his own group of customers as well as providing tech services for other sales or corporate accounts until such time that the volume of sales dictates that he handle only his own accounts (we currently estimate that this minimum sales volume is in the neighborhood of $50,000 per month). A sales engineer will interact with the sales manager and provide him with call reports on all sales related activities. He will be placed on the same bonus program as other salesmen but will report directly to the tech service manager.


The Sales Engineer is responsible for account retention of clients in an assigned territory, developing and expanding existing client relationships, identifying additional revenue opportunities within those clients, and working closely with the tech service manager on those clients. Within the plan guidelines, the Sales Engineer is responsible for the following:

  1. Maintain existing business via field service visits, performance monitoring via prescribed sample
    collection and analysis, and reporting via Chemical Service Updates. A physical review of your
    update report with customers may be required. Ongoing contact with customers will be required.
  2. Expand existing business through use of prescribed monitoring and submission of Chemical
    Service Recommendations to the customers. Physical presentation and review of
    recommendations with customers will be required.
  3. Prospect for business from new customers via cold calls and documenting via Call Reports.
  4. Provide sales and/or service assistance on any account as requested by the Tech Service Manager or Sales Manager.


  1. Maintain Existing Business
    1. Make certain chemical is being used according to plan and investigate any changes. Track usage patterns and inventories. Do not allow customer to run out. Stay abreast of current production rates and process methods for adjustment of the treating products usage as needed. Make physical visits to account locations as prescribed.
    2. Keep up with changes in the system being treated and recommend changes in treating program as needed. This is accomplished by implementing and following the PMR (Performance Monitoring Requirements) for the account. This includes satisfactory collection and process of any samples designated for PMR.
    3. Document all of the above with the necessary reports. These include Field Service Reports (FSR), Call Reports, and Survey Packets. The Sales Engineer must also produce Chemical Service Updates (CSU). These should be prepared as requested by the Tech Services Manager. Call reports should be turned in to the Sales Manager.
    4. Establish and maintain good personal relations and communication as needed with all customer personnel.
    5. Establish and maintain your position as the primary person responsible for predicting, preventing, (where possible), or solving production problems for our customers via responsible application of GCC Pro-Tech treating products. This should include implementing, maintaining and correcting the treating program at field level, and effectively communicating changes to field personnel and designated customer decision makers.
  2. Expand Business
    1. Be aware of any expansion or acquisition plans of current customers or of your customer by someone else. (Mergers, Sell Off, etc.) Document this information via Call Report form and submit to office.
    2. Visit any site where chemical might be used in the area. Obtain and record the current usage and volume. Get the name of the decision maker on chemical treatment or related purchasing. Provide this information via Call Report form. Follow up via personal contact and document your progress via completion of Call report forms.
    3. Follow the Performance Monitoring Requirements (PMR, sample analysis) results, and make recommendations for treatment as needed. This includes creation of Chemical Service Recommendations (CSR) and customer presentations when needed.
    4. Find ways to present our customers with benefits of using GCC as a supplier. This includes not only chemical, but pumps, Retractomatics, filters, tanks, etc.
    5. Use the GCC Survey Packet when performing surveys. Complete it entirely and submit it to the office when completed.
    6. Recruit competitor personnel or qualified personnel when ever possible. Explain the benefits of working for GCC and get contact numbers.
  3. Continual Self Improvement and Personal Development Goals
    1. The Sales Engineer is always under a responsibility to improve performance in the present position and to qualify for advancement.
    2. Consult with your supervisor on a plan which will improve GCC’s sales position via ongoing improvements to technical services, products, customer service, and your personal level of performance in your current position or help qualify you for advancement within the organization.
    3. Maintain good physical condition through a positive program of exercise, weight control, and rest. Avoid any use of controlled substances and overuse of alcohol and nicotine.
    4. If you find that you have free time, ask your co-workers if they need a hand, and contact your supervisor. Teamwork will help ensure that GCC continues to grow, and you along with it. If you need more work, and feel that you can handle it, please ask!


  1. Physical
    • The position requires good health in general, including the ability to work long days in the outdoors while exposed to weather such as sun, rain, heat, cold (when needed), and while remaining mentally alert. While not a manual labor job, the candidate will be required to transport test material weighing 25-50 pounds to, from, and around the work place.
    • When sampling or treating storage tanks, or when offshore, this may involve multiple trips up and down steel stairs of 40 feet or more per flight. Onshore, this may also require repeated climbing in and out of vehicles.
    • Transportation requirements are such that six (6) hours or more may be spent in transit between sites before any actual work begins. This may involve driving long distances at early and/or late hours before arriving at the job site.
    • After arriving at the job site, additional transportation may be by boat or by helicopter over open water. As such, fear of flying, fear of heights, riding on boats or being out of site of land will make satisfactory performance in this position very difficult.
  2. Comprehension/Aptitude
    • The position requires a good understanding of grammar, mathematics, computer usage, and mechanical function/applied science. This means that a Sales Engineer must be able to make basic, yet accurate calculations following prescribed methods and formats. This will usually involve using predetermined formulas to make recommendations for product usage, consumption and prediction of product depletion. Most of these needs can be met by using existing computer technology.
    • Competency using pre-formatted computer programs and spreadsheets is preferred. The Sales Engineer should be familiar with or willing to learn completion of preformatted documents/programs as well as retrieval, manipulation, and storage of computerized data. Familiarization with E-mail is desirable as well.
    • The Sales Engineer must be willing and able to acquire and demonstrate additional skills via continued training as directed by the Sales and Technical Services departments.

Work Habits/Personal Life

  • Hours can often be long and irregular.
  • Travel away from home for several days including weekends and holiday periods may be required.
  • Availability and willingness to respond to a call out at any time, and rearrange one’s personal and business schedules are required.
  • In the event that work must be performed on a weekend or holiday, every attempt will be made for compensatory time off, provided that it doesn’t conflict with the needs of our customers.
  • Effective use and demonstration of organization and time management is required. The Sales Engineer is responsible for ensuring that all necessary tools are readily available for completion of tasks. This includes test kits, sample containers, analysis equipment, etc.
  • In addition, the Sales Engineer must learn to utilize unavoidable delays and waiting time to his advantage
    (e.g. for report writing).


  • A minimum of three (3) years direct in-field technical experience involving oilfield chemical treatment is
    required. In addition, any experience directly related to sales is desirable. No special or minimum education
    is needed, but a high school diploma indicates the minimum educational and intelligence requirements of
    the position.
  • Good oral and written communication skills are necessary. GCC will provide the necessary basic training
    to those candidates willing, able, and tenacious enough to acquire it.
    Continuing education or training is part of the job.