The account manager assists in the development of and is responsible for implementing a
service plan. The account manager develops the plan with the assistance of his/her
manager. Within the plan guidelines, the account manager is responsible for maintaining
existing business and meeting personal development goals. The account manager must
be able to function independently in a loose supervisory framework, cooperate with his
supervisor and maintain good oral and written communication between himself, the
customer and management.


  1. Customer contact as needed on an account-by-account basis. Set proper
    balance between on-site visiting, telephone calls, and written
  2. Track chemical usage patterns through analyzing sales reports. Make
    certain chemical is being used according to plan and investigate any
    changes. Match field tank report to sales runs to validate purchases.
  3. Document all of the above with call reports submitted on a weekly basis
    with expense and mileage reports.
  4. Establish and maintain good personal relations with all customer
    personnel. Become familiar with change of command in each customer
    organization. You should become familiar with personnel from the top
  5. Sell the customer on our entire product line. Our diverse product offering
    is one of our strong points.
  6. Be aware of any expansion or acquisition plans by current customer(s).
    Also be aware of acquisition plans of your current customer(s) by a third
  7. Visit any site where chemical might be used in the area. Find out current
    usage and volume and name of the decision maker. Report this
    information on your call report form.

Continual Self Improvement

  1. The account manager is always under a responsibility to improve his
    performance in his present position and to qualify himself for
  2. Set up with your supervisor a plan which will improve your level of
    performance in your current position or help qualify you for advancement
    within the organization.
  3. Maintain good physical condition through a positive program of exercise
    and weight control. Avoid any use of controlled substances and overuse
    of alcohol and nicotine.


No special or minimum education is needed, but a bachelor’s degree of significant
progress towards it indicates the minimum educational and intelligence requirements of
the position. Good oral and written communication skills are necessary. GCC will
provide the necessary basic training to those candidates willing, able, and tenacious
enough to acquire it. Continuing education or training is part of the job.