Our drivers must be able to load and transport our chemicals and other products in a safe and timely manner to our customers. These products may be packaged in bulk, tote tanks, 55 gallon drums, pallets and 5 gallon pails.


Our drivers must possess a CDL (commercial drivers license) with a hazardous endorsement. This person must also possess and maintain a clean driving record (satisfactory to us as well as to our insurance carrier). Driver must be able to operate single axle and tandem axle bobtails as well as 18-wheeler flatbeds.


  • Driver must be able to climb in and out of assigned truck several times during an assigned shift without any limitations. Must be able to lift fittings as well as 2, 3, & 4 inch 20ft. section of hose off of and onto the trailer. This is normally accomplished by pulling the hoses off and pushing and lifting to return them to trailer. Driver must be able to work different shifts as assigned including days and nights at different hours as needed. The driver must be able to drive up to 11 hours in accordance with Federal Regulations without limitation of sitting. This person would be subject to going on long trips where the company would put said employee in motel at the end of shift if time does not allow the driver to return to said terminal. The driver must be able to climb on top of the tank if necessary for inspection, loading and unloading if necessary within a safe manner.
  • Driver must be able to perform some heavy duty lifting up to 75 pounds with frequent lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds. This job also requires the following physical capacities: climbing, stooping, reaching and handling, talking, hearing, and vision. Class III back or better. This job involves both indoor and outdoor work and also involves exposure to noise and vibration.


  • Operate vehicle in a safe and courteous manner.
  • Deliver products and services on time and in good condition.
  • Perform pre-trip safety and maintenance checks.
  • Assure that all loads are stable and secure before departing any facility. Loads should be checked for stability any time you make a regular stop.
  • Maintain legal and accurate daily logs. Keep track of your hours. Do not accept runs you cannot legally deliver on time. Communicate your availability on a regular basis.
  • All paperwork accompanying deliveries will be complete and accurate.
  • Plan your trip. Make sure you have the proper routing and directions to the location(s) before you leave the yard.
  • If it doesn’t look right to you, question it!!!
  • Review your bill of lading and compare the load and the delivery time against what you were given. Any discrepancies must be reviewed immediately.
  • Get paperwork signed!!!
  • Adhere to all OSHA, EPA, DOT and other regulations that apply to safe handling of chemicals. Be aware of and comply with any additional rules and/or regulations of customers while on their site.
  • Report all vehicle operational problems or unsafe conditions to operations supervisor.


Perform other necessary duties as assigned by operations supervisor. Occasionally, you may be asked to work in the yard when available when deliveries are slow or help is needed.