Job Summary

The warehouse/yard personnel should be able to do some lifting of brass and other metal fittings as well as 3-4 inch 20 ft. hoses off and onto trailer by pulling, pushing and lifting to return them to trailer. This person must be able to work different shifts as assigned including days and nights at different hours as needed. This person must be able to load all chemicals in bulk handled by our company including lube oil and other specific products. The warehouseman/yard personnel should be able to climb on top of a tank, if necessary, for inspection, loading and unloading, if necessary, within a safe manner with equipment provided.

Warehouse Duties

  1. Help maintain clean and safe work areas at all times.
  2. Operate forklifts and other lifting equipment in a safe manner.
  3. Adhere to proper loading and drumming procedures when working in yard.
  4. All paperwork will be complete, accurate and on time.
  5. Perform other necessary duties as assigned by operations supervisor.

Yard Duties

  1. Operate pumps–transfer liquids using various pumps and hoses.
  2. Blend products–utilize blend equipment and add components in quantity in order of addition as specified on blend instruction sheet.
  3. Load trucks–using a forklift, places tanks and/or drums on trucks as listed on bills of lading.
  4. Unload trucks–using a transfer pump and hoses, off-load 4000-7000 gallons of liquid into proper storage tank.
  5. Using forklift or other equipment, unloads drums, tanks and palletized material from delivery trucks.
  6. General skid tank maintenance–inspect, pressure test and repair skid tanks as necessary. This includes changing lids, valves and other parts that are damaged or no longer operable.
  7. Perform other necessary duties as assigned by operations supervisor.

Physical Demands

  1. Heavy Duty–lifting 75 lbs. with frequent lifting and/or carrying up to 50 lbs. This job requires the following physical capacities: climbing, stooping, reaching and handling, talking, hearing and vision. Class III back or better.
  2. Temperament required includes adaptability to perform repetitive work according to set procedures, sequence and pace.

Work Conditions

This job involves both indoor and outdoor work and also involves exposure to noise and/or vibration.